Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smile for the camera Riley!!

Well we are working on the smiling, we've been practicing in the mirror. It's coming along except for all she wants to do is say cheese. Here are a few funny pics I took this weekend and this week. Oh and just to let Nana and her aunties know she has been binkie free for 4 days now!!!!

We're getting there with the smile.
Some bath time fun!!! Her favorite thing to do in the tub, ears under water and sing to herself.
I don't know where she gets that from!!!???
Showing off her milk mustache. She loves to drink from a big girl cup. As long as I can keep her from putting stuff in the cup she does a pretty good job of not spilling.
I even got a smile here, sort of.
These pics were taken this weekend while we were in Enid with Aunt Kimmie (Kim Kramer). She has asked Riley to be her flower girl in her wedding!!! We are very excited and I just pray Ri does a good job. Anyway we were suppose to be trying on dresses and this is what we got....Riley standing on the platform then jumping off and rolling in the floor. She's such a lady, I hope this isn't what we have to look forward to on the wedding day!!
As you can see my camera is not really made for action shots.
Hey batter, batter!!! This was before she started taking people out with her mean swing!!


Leia said...

Hey Ri's getting better!! I'm so proud. And even more proud that she doesn't need her "kinkie" anymore. She's such a big girl!!!

Tessa said...

she is such a little lady! can look like an angel and still can swing a mean bat! no "kinkie" that is great now comes no pull ups!

Katie said...

I love how she has been practicing her smiles! Keep it up Riley, pics are coming soon!!!

Billie said...

Wow, you broke the "kinkie"! I am telling you after a few days they forget about it...so if you made if 4 then you should be good to go! What a big girl!

Hilary said...

Cute pictures! I had the opposite problem with Hollace. Every time the camera came out, she would say "CHEEEEEESE" and give the biggest, most unnatural smile. We have so many pics of her with that expression!