Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NCAA Women's Regionals

My awesome bosses got tickets to the tournament and were nice enough to let me have 2. So Ri and I drove down last night and went to the game, Aunt Leia went with us. Tennessee vs Texas A&M. It was a great game!!! Candace Parker got hurt in the first half and the game was on!!! Riley was her usual no smiling picture taking self but she really did have fun.

Aunt Leia and Ri before the game. Leia went and got us shirts. She was a Vol and we were the Aggies.....Gig'em!!!! Whatever that means??

Candace Parker taken from the court after her injury. She is an amazing player!!! Never seen anything like her. Unstoppable even with what looked like a dislocated shoulder.

Riley studying the art of basketball. Getting prepared for her future.

Ok so maybe she was studying the mascot. She loved the dog. "Where go?" she would say anytime he would leave her sight. I hope that's not the future I have to look forward to when I watch her at ball games???!!!

Here we are cheering on the Aggies!!! See she did have a good time. Aunt Leia of course made her a coordinating bow.
The final score.

Coach Summit and Candace Parker in post game interviews. Can you tell who we came to watch. She really was amazing!!!
Thanks again to Alan and Rita for the awesome tickets!!!!!


Kara said...

Great pics Lacy! I wish we could have gone, that looks like a ton of fun! At least I watched on TV, some! Great blog!

Leia said...

Good times. I'll get Riley to smile one of these days, even if it kills me!! Thanks for inviting me!!!

The Kinoti's said...

I wouldn't mind going back to Oklahoma but I don't think I can get Dennis back there:) We are thinking Austin, TX. The shortage of OBs is crazy. Are you going to have to go to the city to find a doc?

Looks like ya'll had fun at the game...I think Tonya went too.

Mandy said...

How fun!! I am way jealous!! Looks like you all had a great time.

The Garvie Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Riley looks like she was really into the game.