Monday, September 20, 2010

Game #1

A COMPLETE DISASTER!!!! I'm going to tell you just how awful it was so that one day when she is a soccer all-stater (like her mother :0) ) we can look back at this and laugh!!! Call me a horrible parent but I was MORTIFIED!!!! I wanted to call a time out take her to the port a potty and spank her till she couldn't do anything but play soccer!!! Everyother girl on our team did awesome. They ran, they kicked, they laughed and every single one of them scored a goal!!! Everyone but Riley, and actually I don't even care about that. I told her all I wanted her to do was to run with the girls, I don't care if you ever touch the ball just run. Oh no she stood there crying and one point WAS SUCKING HER THUMB!!!!! Now mind you she has NEVER sucked her thumb even as a baby NEVER sucked her thumb but she sucked her thumb this weekend!!!! So I'm praying very hard to show a little grace to my own child, which just sounds horrible to say but it's true. I'm praying for patience and I'm praying for NO MORE THUMB SUCKING!!!! Please everyone pray for me and pray for Riley's protection from me!!! Here are a few pics from the game, actually looks like she is going to play in these pictures.

Look at the hands on the head.....sheer panic!!!

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The Garvie Family said...

I'm very surprised that she will get on stage and dance but wasn't a fan of being out on the soccer field. She observed during the first game and now knows what she needs to do....I'm sure next game she will be running all over the place. Thumbsucking is very mild compared to what we have seen. Kamryn had a girl that would just stand in the corner and scream unless her mom would hold her hand and run. Reece played against a kid that stood in the middle and beat on his chest the entire a thumb in the mouth during the first game is a very small thing!! Can't wait to hear how game #2 goes!!