Monday, July 12, 2010

Colt is 2!!!!

Can't believe my baby boy is 2 already!!! Just seems like yesterday I was pregnant!! Bubs is growing up way too fast!!! He makes me laughing and want to rip my hair out all in the same minute!!! He keeps us on our toes all the time, so different from his sister it's crazy! I can't imagine our live without this little terd. We love you very much Bub!!! Can't wait to see you grow.

I've said many times how much Colt reminds of my Dad, look for yourself!!!


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday to Colt!! Terd. You are too funny, Lacy!! He does look like your dad, though...
Time flies, doesn't it?!

Becky said...

He is so cute, but if he is just like Troy, you have my sympathy!! :)