Friday, October 2, 2009

All about COLT!!!

So I just noticed that all of my posts lately have been all about Riley. So today I'm dedicating this post COLT!! Some of you probably forgot I had another child :) Colt is such a good boy and when I say boy that is no lie!! He is all about basketballs, golf balls, footballs, baseballs anything he can throw....he loves. He also loves the bats and golf clubs or anything that looks like a bat or a club. You better watch out cause he is swingin for the fence!!! He will for sure be my dare devil of the two, he's not afraid of anything. He even loves trying to jump on the trampoline with his sister. His new favorite thing to do is to get you!! He will sneak up behind and try to scare you, it's pretty darn cute and he's gotten his sister a couple of times. We love you Colter Bolter!!!
He thought the flash was too bright.

Yes that's right my son sucks his thumb and has a blanket!!! Although the thumb sucking is about to come to quits. We just went to the doctor today and some how he has contracted herpetic whitlow, common in thumb suckers "they say". A herpie virus that got in the open callus of his thumb then spread to his mouth. Sounds gross I know but the poor fella has some huge canker sores. Let's pray they go away soon!!!

He loves to help his Dad but is for sure a momma's boy.

Still lovin his horsey.

And here's a little video that is just too precious for words!!


Tessa said...

Oh Colter! You are Nana's fine boy.

Whitney said...

You're right---he is absolutely precious! Still waiting for the day I get to meet your kids in person!

Sam said...

oh, he's a cute on, that colt!! but why is there a christmas tree in your living room already? :-)