Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You wouldn't think that buying for a kid would be that hard and I guess really it isn't if you consider them playing with a toy like crazy for a week is good. But I was tired of that and really tired of the toys piling up in the house, I swear the walls are caving in on me!!! Anyway I thought and thought about what Gregg and I could give Riley for her 3rd birthday and with the help of Aunt Lolo I think we've got a true keeper!!! A SCOOTER!!! She loves it. Every night we have to go for a walk so that she can ride her scooter, she rides it around the driveway, she wants to ride it everywhere and I'm missing all my favorite season finales cause I'm outside watching her ride. The small price of being a mother I guess. I wish you could hear her say scooter cause it is pretty funny. Anyway here are some pics of her enjoying her new scooter.
And Bubber my little lover loves to be outside and watch her go round and round.
She wanted to make a scary face and see it.

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Billie said...

I'm glad she loves her scooter! She looks so grown up on it with that hair cut!!! Makes me sad! We love you Riley and are glad you had a great birthday!!