Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Well I can' t believe that Easter has come and gone already. We had a great time at Dad and Mom's with everyone there. Nate still hates us, Riley and Cash still run crazy, and Colt is just taken it all in and waiting for the day he will join in. Since it was Nate and Colt's first Easter Gigi fixed them the "Famous Easter Bunny Cake". They get the cake to themselves and get to dig right in. Colt had no problem with this........Nate on the other hand was not lovin the cake or the closeness to Colt. For some reason I got no pictures of the great hunt so you'll have to wait for Leia or Mom to post.
All dressed up.
My best attempt at all 4.
4 generations.
The bunny cake. Can't you just see the love from Nate.

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Sam said...

ya'll look great...just can't get over how big riley is. crazy!