Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lot of Memories Were Made Right Here!!
This is my Grandma Winnie's house and after many tears and a lot of worry she has decided to move in with one of her daughters (Lucky for us she's going to my Mom and Dad's!!) We have made too many memories here and will miss going to her house but we all know it's for the best. I took some pictures of some of our favorite places at her house.
The garage - many a thing is buried under that shed. The swingset - All of us have played on it and all of us have almost turned it over.
Annie Annie Annie Annie Over.......Pig Tail!!!

We spent many hours in this tin horn. And yes it does run under a highway and yes our parents knew we were there. Can you believe that!!!
A lot of lunches and a lot of tents were in this very spot.

The carpet, the blankets, the pillows all of the smell of Grandma's house. We will miss it.
Yes that is the Ghostbuster sleeping bag.
Grandma and Mom doing some last minute packing.
I love this picture. We have all had our picture taken with Grandma on these steps.
Here is Riley playing with some necklaces that Gigi (Great Grandma) gave to her. Can you only imagine how many times I'm going to be picking those up. Thanks Grandma!!!

Well Grandma we will miss your house but will never forget the memories and we are looking forward to a lot more just in a new place!!! We love more than we can say!!!!

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